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Can't set resolution
(02-25-2013, 04:30 PM)Trackhr Wrote: Yes, of course. Texture resolution cannot be heightened.

But I suppose, a game running at 1920x1080 should still be more sharp, in my mind.

Oh well, I suppose there's no point complaining about it.

Thanks, guys.

sharpness is yet another parameter that is not directly dependent on the resolution, an image will be blurred at high resolution if it is blurred and another image may look sharp in smaller resolution. filters/shaders to improve sharpness (among other post processing effects) do exist for PCSX2, you may want to search for them.

Edit: For LCD monitors the image looks naturally sharper when at it's own native resolution, but that's something that is the monitor's characteristic and affects mostly fullscreen. In the end the output device/driver and the OS desktop resolution will rescale whatever you push on them.

Upscale is not meant to do more than extrapolate points from existent native resolution, in a way it's result is a little blurred than the original (albeit it may help reducing jagged edges for blending adjacent points, an effect that looks a bit like AA despite different in nature).

PS: about complaining, use that energy to go after Sony Smile the native resolution is what it is, the resolution actual PS2 runs (besides, the PC monitor tend to expose a lot of problems the TV masks naturally, examples being the interlacing and pixelation). So, all these nice post processing effects are a plus from the emulator but themselves are "beyond the emulation".
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I was under the impression that it just renders the game at a higher resolution, like a PC game.

Yeah, I'll look into further plug-ins.
(02-25-2013, 04:53 PM)Trackhr Wrote: I was under the impression that it just renders the game at a higher resolution, like a PC game.

Yeah, I'll look into further plug-ins.

The PC game can be a good example of what I mean. Most games allow you to set a specific screen resolution, that is supposed to be equal to your monitor's native resolution, but sometimes it is too much and you'll want to set a smaller resolution.

Some games allow you to chose a texture resolution as well and this is what is meant when telling the upscale will not make the texture more detailed as the higher resolution does in this case.

That's an important point because it shows that a lower texture resolution will look a lot flatter than the higher resolution even when the two are displayed at the same screen resolution.

The screen resolution defines how many points will be displayed (before the video driver or the monitor rescale it in fullscreen), the texture resolution defines how crisp and detailed will be. And the important to the actual subject is to understand the upscale is not the same as that original higher texture resolution. The low texture resolution in such PC games will still look like lower texture resolution does not matter how much post processing is put on it.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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