Can't walk in ffxii to finish a side quest?
Hey fellows. I dunno if any of you played the sidequest in FFXII where you have to chase around a Cockatrice named Renn. The only way you can catch him (according to many walkthroughs) is by walking up to him. If you run up to him, Renn is uncatchable because he freaks out and just runs wildly. Now my question is this: how do you walk instead of run with a mouse/keyboard/pcsx2? With a PS2 controller, you have to just lightly move the stick forward (not all the way) and you can walk. Am I pretty much screwed trying to finish this sidequest since I dunno if I can setup the controls a specific way to be able to walk??

I have a feeling I won't be able to complete this game 100% due to not being able to walk to chase down a stupid chicken (unless if i am overlooking something; don't laugh!). Imagine that! Laugh

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Have you tried to hide near pillars instead of trying to walk? Tongue
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its possible to catch it by running after it, i have done that not too long ago, it runs in a circle, you need to run after it on thie inside of the circle therefore you can catchup to it because youre running less distance, because youre circle diameter is smaller than the one its running
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I'm sure you can configure Lilypad to use 4 keys for moving with reduced sensitivity.
(01-10-2011, 06:43 PM)rama Wrote: I'm sure you can configure Lilypad to use 4 keys for moving with reduced sensitivity.

Ahh, I didn't notice that sensitivity option. I got it, thanks! Chased down the stupid fat chicken and took him out Tongue

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