Can they handle
I have two computers a desktop and a laptop
the desktops my moms so i would prefer using laptop
laptop-acer 5532(bought & upgraded by muah in 2010): (has better graphics)
TF-20(not upgraded yet) -> tl-56 processor (dual core 1.8ghz)
ATI HD3200 256mb dedicated 1408mb shared
3gb ram
desktop-gt5654(bought 08): (better cpu)
AMD Anthlon 5000+ (dual core 2.6ghz)
Nvidia 6150LE (i can play fallout 3 faster on my laptop)
3gb ram
obviously the pc is run faster... but can i actually manage ffx on my laptop?
i have tried before upgrade (cpu was crap)
and it was epic fail with 35fps ingame

wish me luck on upgrading my cpu

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They're both pretty bad for PCSX2, it would depend on the game you want to run I guess. The desktop could probably handle the not heavy games by running native resolution all the time in GSdx (maybe software renderer would work better actually).
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Haha look how far i have come. I forgot I ever had that account
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Did you bump your own post to laugh at yourself? This reminds me of those days back in like pre-2000 when Livejournal was the favourite medium for social networking, and kids came back years after their posts and replied to themselves being like "I'm so much more grown up now!"


I've revived a few pointless threads in this forum from time to time then ended up working it out somehow minutes later, even despite searching hours beforehand.
Uh right, thanks for the waste of internet space I guess...
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