Can this pc run PCSX2 well?

i just browsed the sites to look for a nice priced pc that's enough to run pcsx2 well,

is that spec enough?,
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Off topic a little bit, I think you should be able to get a better option with $600.

Running well or not depends on what games you wish to play.
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yes, but not all games. an intel e8400 oc @ 3.8 with an 9600gt evga would run metal gear 3 and it will be would be a whole different world.
It's not terrible, but for $500-$600 you'd could do better than this option with a little research if you're willing to put it together yourself.

Prebuilts are ok, and generally the best option for laptops, but for a gaming rig I'd recommend putting in the legwork and selecting your own parts.
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thats crap .. most prebuilds are ... 600$ adn such crap graphic like 9500gt .. caling PC with the worst graphic card available on market as a gaming one is just a joke Tongue2
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To top it off you'd actually be spending money on Vista. Not much, but still!

thx a bunch guys.
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