Can you change PCSX2's hotkeys?
I'm looking for a way to put QuickSave (F1) and QuickLoad(F3) and maybe "change quicksave slot"(F2) on my controller. I'm playing on my TV and it's a hassle to drag my keboard around the whole time (I save often!). Is there such a config or a .ini I can rewrite? I want to put them on Start / Select / Home Button (On my PS3 controller) or something.

Normal inputs work just fine.

Ty in advance.

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the interface hotkeys are locked at the present time.
maybe a thing for a future release? shouldn't be too hard I think. and would help alot!
You want to save/load using your controller, correct? Try setting up JoyToKey and binding F1 and F3 to a controller button.
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If you compile pcsx2 yourself, you can change these keys to any other keys you'd like. However, joystick buttons are not keys, so that won't work for them.

You can, however, do as suggested above and use some application to generate key-presses for some joystick inputs.
That program looks promising. Thank you. Gonna test it if I play PCSX2 again. (just finished 120 hours of Persona 3 FES). maybe later this year when I'm gonna rock Perosna 4.

JFYI, during Persona 3 there was in a specific area (around Floors 240+ "Icy world") where it would slow down a great degree when 3 or more enemies appear. But only there. (My spec is way enough and run fluenlty for the rest).

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