Can you change host refresh

I am wondering if it is possible to force your games to take advantage of monitors that have higher refresh rates, example my monitor is 144Hz.

I have set it in the settings to scale to host refresh rate and in graphics set to 1920x1080@144Hz, but according to the console its not doing it.

Also for some reason (some time ago since nightly updates) I used to boot my Action Replay disc then load game from the game list to use cheats, for some reason now if I boot my disc, nothing happens, sticks on a black screen. Also for some reason pnach files that I have saved in my cheats directory now claims they cant bew found or theres no cheats.

To get cheats I would goto, find my game region, then select from the drop menu to save checked cheats as pnach, select my cheats then hit save and save to my cheats directory.

I have also checked to make sure the checked cheats saved are in the RAW format.

I just find it odd how I used to be able to use my Action Replay disc (official, not a copy) and the pnach files I had also used to work - now neither are working.

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