Can you help?
I tried playing FF X on my emulator but it keeps pausing and the sound is kind of messed up. Could it be because it is a used copy or is there something I can do to fix that.

P.S. Is there more than one type of BIOS? I have SCPH-10000 but is there better.

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Well first off, the way you stated your BIOS question makes me think that you illegally obtained it, but it's somewhat iffy.

Anyways, we need more information. Such as what version of PCSX2 your running; as well as what plugins your using. Also, the specs of your computer.
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There are multiple bios files but using the one you got from your own PS2 is the only legal way of using PCSX2. If you obtained the bios illegally,you will get no support here.
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If you are playing it from the disc try making a iso of it and running that with Linuz Iso CDVD plugin, otherwise tell us your pcsx2 and plugin settings and how exactly is it "pausing".
I got the BIOS from my friends ps2. I asked that question because in the guide he says you should have SCPH-10001 BIOS or higher. (I think) I'm also worried because that is the same BIOS my ps1 emulator runs on i think.

I made an ISO file but I can't get it to work. PLZ HELP!

I am running on Core 2 duo E6xxxx, Vista, and I'm using the newest version of pcsx2.

By pausing I mean every other seconnd it stops for a second and then plays. It is REALLY annoying.
the PS1 was 1001, and i'm sorry but you must take the BIOS from your own PS2

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