Can you revert Nightly Installs?

I've not used the Emu for a few months, tonight I boot it and install the latest nightly and now things seem not to be working as it was.

I found that you CAN use or should I say COULD use Action Replay Max disc (retail) with the emulator by booting disc from device (set to your disc drive), once it loaded you change disc in the emulator to a game from your list.

It would do its job, select cheats and start game, it would save and boot game.

But now since god knows what or how many changes since, seems Action Replay Max use is broken, when it comes to booting your game, it gets stuck on saving (though the Action Replay could never save changes before).

Only work around I could find is that now Memory Card #1 has to be empty for it to boot the game after turning cheats on.

Personally I think others would agree, if support could be added for cheat discs as it is far easier/convenient to use than pnach files.

Is there a way I can revert any changes made as of today's date, back to what they were when it was letting me use my Action Replay Max cheat disc with the Emu?

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