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Can you use original PS1 and PS2 discs with PCSX2?
For now, that's my only question about this emulator.  O

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definitely, yes.
It's best to turn them to isos to avoid disc acces loading times, but you can use your physical discs using CDVD Gigahertz plugin
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Yes you can, although it's recommended to rip them with a program like Imgburn for faster load times, ect.
Ps1 disks are iffy, as ps1 support is still in it's infancy. Yes to ps2
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PS1 discs you absolutely can use with the CDVD plugin. That said, your load times will likely be identical if not worse than a physical PS1 or PS2, and there may be some accuracy issues depending on the game (from what we've seen disc operations in PSX mode are a little wonky sometimes). As already mentioned several times though, consider making bin files with ImgBurn instead.
It's great how so many people reply to a question, essentially giving the same answer each time Laugh
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(04-17-2018, 05:26 PM)envisaged0ne Wrote: It's great how so many people reply to a question, essentially giving the same answer each time  Laugh

There are the simple general knowldge questions about PCSX2 that a lot of us can answer very fast.  Then you get into either the more complex question or the one where something is wrong and we have to trouble shoot someone's entire computer without access tonsaid computer to try and figure out what went wrong... those take a bit more time and fewer people are able to help.

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