Cannot Change Plugins
I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0 (the latest Stable build), and I read that if I want to play Mega Man X7 with correct audio, I need to use a different SPU Plugin than the included one. The one I need to use is SPU2-X r4600m 1.4.0, but even after putting it into the Plugins Folder, I cannot switch to it, and I can't seem to find a solution to this. Is this a bug, or do I need to change another setting? Or is it something else?

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Likely you need to install Visual C++ 2013 x86 redist for an old build of SPU2x. Maybe even an older VC++
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I'll give that a try. Thanks.

EDIT: Nope. Didn't work.
r4600 requires Msvcp90/Msvcr90 but I'm not sure from which Visual C++ redist is part of.
And btw,it works fine here

According to the modified date(that's when the dll was compiled),it's probably vc 2008(there is normal version and sp1)
And this is what I have installed

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I've tried installing every one of those, and I still can't change it. I'm starting to think I've installed the whole program wrong.
What you need(vc 2008)is actually part of the pcsx2 0.9.8 installer

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