Cannot Save Plugin Settings
Hopefully this hasn't already been asked, I searched around quite a bit to no avail.

As title states, I can't save any settings. I get stuck at a little window that says "Waiting for Task," and inside that it says "Applying Settings." I can cancel the process by closing this window but I've waited for awhile and nothing happens.

I'm not sure, but I believe previously I was able to save configurations. Now, instead of the regular startup text, I get this in terminal.

cd "`dirname '/Applications/'`"; cd pcsx2; clear; ./pcsx2; exit

Is this of any significance?

I have CG Framework installed, X11 is obviously how I'm running it, so I have no idea what's going on. I have a pretty thin understanding of this altogether so all help is greatly appreciated.


After a restart, it now works no problem. I guess this thread should be deleted, it seems pointless now. Sorry about that.

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s'all right!

it might happen to someone else.... if they use the search function that is...
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I have the same problem! I've tried everything from restarting my computer to uninstalling and reinstalling the program!Wacko
I've gotten everything else to work so far, but this has still alluded me.
Help please!Unsure

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