Cannot configure GSdx pcsx2 crashes please help
I hope someone can help. I cant configure the plugin, whenever I click it pcsx2 crashes and closes. The emulator will run with gsdx however. I just cannot make any changes.

I have Win vista sp2. my directx is up to date. All the other plugins allow me to configure and they function. I also noticed there is no .ini created for gsdx either. I manually made one and inserted it but the changes are not making a difference either.

I have disabled UAC. and DEP as well.Ive tried several builds as well all with the same results. I'm sure im overlooking something please help.

I added a screen shot of what happens when I click configure plugin.

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Nothing? anyone?
try updating your GPu drivers first.
if that doesn't solve the problem, try disabling SLI
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also which version of the plugin does it say you're trying to load in the console window as you've covered it up?

and did you update your directx with the websetup?
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