Cannot for the life of me fix FFX-2 FMV's
I am having an impossible time fixing FFX-2 to where the FMV's are watchable. They are either completely corrupted with using non native internal res, or interlaced/stuttering to a point deinterlacer does not work properly in native res.

The only deinterlace that works even 70% is the blur ones which make the video extremely dark, runs in slow motion no mater the speed hack, and is not completely deinterlaced, still jagged. Uneinterlaced is perfect picture quality(see the but), there isnt any lines or jagged edges or dark picture, BUT! The issue is the screen flickers constantly/fast; that and it only works in native res to that extent. If I could just stop the flickering everything should be fine..

I did try using the FFX game fix as well as the EE one, nothing changes.

Without native internal res
[Image: 45ytgresgrewgfvd.jpg]

With native internal, without deinterlace(I cannot snapshot the constant flickering of the video in this one)
[Image: rtyh56terybgf.jpg]

With native & closest working deinterlace(notice the jageds around the building, and darkness of screen)
[Image: tfhgrsrthg.jpg]

Currently using the newest BETA 0.9.7, have tried using the older 9.6, also using directx11, have tried 9 and 10, do not use zerogs outdated and never saved settings.

Current System(I also tried to fix this on my older PHII955 @3600):
Win7 64-bit
AMD PHII 1055T @2810
Gigabyte 890FXA
Gskill ECO 4GB
OCZ Vertex II 90GB SSD
ATI HD 5850x2 XFIRE(tried single also)

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known bug, not fixed yet.

The best solution is still using software mode (F9 key) during fmvs and set back to hardware mode during gameplay
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Software mode is only solution
^ he speaks the truth
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Skip MPEG hack under game fixes works even better. It totally skips the videos and gets you back to the game, which is a good thing when it comes to X-2 Tongue

It might have caused me to miss 0.2% completion on my last walkthrough, or maybe the game was at fault and docked me some points for no reason. Gotta love it.

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