Cannot get my controller to work
Hello I am trying to get this emulator working but cant seem to get my controller to work. I have tried both plugins that ship with the latest release .SSSPX Pad plugin allows me to set up my controls but does nothing once I load a game Lilypad wont even let me configure the controls as from up and left on the analog . Cotroller is displayed in diagnostics list. I am using a Logitech F310 I have tried both direct and input settings on the controller and plug ins . Any help here would be appreciated

System specs
Amd Phenom II x 4 955 3.2ghz
16 GB DDR3 ram
Radeon HD6770
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

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Never mind for some reason after trying for a hour Lilypad finally worked for me no clue what was going on but working now Smile

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