Cannot seem to get it to fit screen?
I'm new to using this and I am trying to use this because I wanted to play Twisted Metal Black on my PC and for the most part it works great but I cannot seem to get it to fit my screen properly and it shows two black bars on both sides of the screen with the game window in the middle. 

I have looked at the documentation and played with the settings but I cannot seem to figure it out and only seem to make it worse with stretching.

I have a Predator Gaming Rig with 1080x1920p with Nvidia GeForce 970 gtx GPU.

Can someone point me in the right direction or is there no way to fix the black bars to fit my screen size better?

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Aced14 post near the botom of the page.

You can try his widescreen hacks. Looks like he fixed most of the things in the game to work in a widescreen aspect ratio. Though there are still some things that will not be quite right as mentioned in his post. The black bars are the other way to play. That is the game in it's actual aspect ratio (most PS2 games are not widescreen), using widescreen hacks can work great on some games and on other will cause graphical issues since it was not how the game was designed.
Ah okay, thank you very much. Never really used these things before but I really love playing TM, wish they'd make a PC Version lol but that's never gonna happen..
Closest to TM would be the Carmageddon series no?

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