Cannot use D-pad and analog sticks at the same time

I've attached a MayFlash USB to PSone controller to my emulator. I'm having issues with trying to use the D-pad and analog sticks at the same time. If I want to use D-Pad, I have to turn off analog and when I want to use analog, I have to turn analog on. It's bothersome while playing Kingdom Hearts.

My plugin is LilyPad 0.10.0.

I've already downloaded the proper drivers for the USB converter.

Help please?

Here are what my binded keys look like:

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I'm not sure if understand the issue. What decides the buttons to use is the game itself, not PCSX2 or it's plugins. Aside for the strange characters at the circle, square... buttons your setup seems correct.

So I believe that what you mean is when you change the pad mode you effectively put the sticks emulating the D-pad
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I guess I should clarify.

I want to use my up, down, left right buttons and my right joystick at the same time.

However, I can't use the directional buttons while using my right joystick and vice versa.

And no, but you're close. My joystick configurations don't replace my triangle, square, etc.

I just can't get the two to be working at the same time.
I still don't get what is the problem, but just noticed you have not defined the L3 and R3 buttons, they are the same sticks pressed (just informative since is not part of the reported issue).

edit: Just occurred to me, that change between digital/analog is done in the joypad itself? Lilypad expect it to be in analog mode. Again, depend on the game to accept D-Pad and/or the analog stick to move the characters, not the plugin. All that the plugin need to do is to send the signals to the game logic.

Anyway you can try thr several modes: Windows messaging, Raw mode or direct input and see how they work for yours specific joypad.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Thank you so much for your time. Smile

I suppose it could be an issue with the game pad itself. It's a PSone controller and I can't remember if it only supports one mode or the other. I'll come back with an answer after I dig out my PSone and test it out.

L3 and R3 aren't defined because PSone controllers don't have L3/R3 buttons. Talk about antiques!

I'll also definitely try the modes. Wish I had done that first before posting but I haven't had the time yet... Soon!
At this time, I believe the PSone controllers with the joysticks cannot operate with both directional buttons and joysticks working at the same time. Oh bother.

I wish I knew how to lock this thread.

Thanks ya'll!

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