Cannot use my mouse in game
Hello guys, I have not been able to use my mouse in game while using PCSX2, some info on my system:Win7, pentium 4, some ***** onboard graphics. I also added screenshots. Someone help me. Smile

oh yes, I am also using PCSX2 0.98

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pentium 4?

give up.
(04-13-2012, 07:05 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: pentium 4?

give up.
it wasn't a question as to whether it'll run fine or not, just how to get a mouse to work. no need to be rude+^_^+
anyway, the circled part is how i got mine to work, if it doesn't i press = then it does+^_^+
also in my opinion, mouse works better as right analog stick with wasd for left stick, or else your gonna be picking it up and sliding it forward all day+^_^+

[Image: 152ys9h.png]
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The point is that first pcsx2 won't run very good on such cpu,second,using such OS on such weak cpu will also reduce hist speed(probably by a lot) and third,he is using on board GPU which will decrease the speed even more(+ the fact that he is on that OS again)

incarceration what "not been able to use my mouse in game while using PCSX2" exactly can't use your mouse to control the game or can't use your mouse at all while pcsx2 is running?

Did you tried other Mouse APIs

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