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I tried running Guitar Hero Aerosmith, everything seems fine at the beggining because the image of ps2 appears and the intro(game) appears too but after it the emulator show me an error if i press twice the "start" Botton it show me the same error .... i dont know what can i do ... can anyone help me? pls.

There are the "error", the pc configuration by the emulator and the configurate that im using.


PC Configuration by PCSX2:

System: Windows XP
Graphics NVIDIA GFORCE 8300

PCSX2 Configuration:

if anyone needs know anything else tell me pls

pd: sorry for my english .... im hispan

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could you upload the images in a higher resolution? just use the attachment service of this forum to upload your images. and try the latest beta pack of pcsx2 and plugins from here.
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there are the pics ...

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Look up Guitar Hero Aerosmith in game compatibility database at PCSX2 site. The game marked Intro literally indicates you can only go as far as Intro of game.

Try latest beta to see if anything improved, Or you gotta be waiting for PCSX2 upgrades.
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Oks Thx a llot

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