Cant find frame limit settings
Hey all

Under the previous gui version of pcsx2 you had only to go into cpu options and from there you could set the frame limit mode (limited, normal etc) and the maxiumum frame limit you wanted to set, which was nice and simple.

I`ve searched every option screen under the new gui but have been unable to find similar options anywhere at all. Have I missed something? or has this not been implemented yet? How are we supposed to set the frame limit if it has not been added?

Every game I run currently runs far beyond 50 fps (since I play pal games) and are completely unplayable at super fast speeds.
Old habits die hard - System Shock

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Did you even search the forum? It has been asked one billion times. The new builds are ALPHA, how many times do we have to repeat it?
There is no frame limiting menu yet because we are STILL working on it and it's very preliminary.
Still you can enable/disable it by pressing tab
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Sorry, and thanks.
Old habits die hard - System Shock

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