Cant get a game to actually start
I'm running windows Vista32 with a Penium Dual Core with 2gb ram @ 1.73GHz
so far it runs amazingly fast which suprised me after seeing some post but
I've tried changing the graphics and Cdvdrom plugins and all i get to is the brower and system config screen/memory card section
im even still trying as i type this i just want to play FFX I have the cd

and yes i even checked the Nloop 0 hack a few times

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if u change Cd rom to null you will play the emulator whit out any cd. if u have P.E.O on u will play the cd you got in your Cd rom reader... if u got Linu you will play whit a .ISO file on your computer
Sounds like your DVDRom drive isnt reading the disk, if it is, try copying an ISO from it, then use lunuzappz (like Frejoh said) to read the iso directly.

You co config > cdvdrom> configure then select the ISO

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