Capcom X namco (Pcsx2) settings
Hey everyone,

I have this emulator on a Toshiba Satelite C655-S5307 running on Windows 8 and has a Intel Core i3 processor 2.20 GHz nearly around 300gigs of HD memory

I've been trying to perfect the settings but it keeps shutting me down and/or telling me that the plugins doesn't work and when it does it shows like three lines and the sound seems sluggish when it plays can someone help me how to adjust the settings to the best possible.

thank you.

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Need plugin settings and/or screenshots.

Also what is your GPU?
You CPU weak for emulation .HDD space do nothing here Smile Or what you mean by 300 gigs
The Arrandale i3 has 3 models, clocked at 2.13, 2.26, and 2.4. 2.20 Ghz sounds like a Sandy Bridge. i3 laptop usually comes without a dedicated graphics card. And 300 GB of HDD is tiny today.

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