Capture settings (recording function)
Hi, i post a thread in order to know the caracteritics of the different codec that are propose in the capture settings.

Effectively, i record on uncompressed format, and it takes too much size on my HDD, so i would record with the codec which provide the lessloss quality.

I check the PCSX2 configuration guide but i find nothing on the codecs caracteristics...

Thanks you.

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PCSX2 doesn't install any codecs.

You have to use a codec which is already installed on your system. You could try to install ffdshow which has several codecs available built-in. MJPEG is useful for capture if you're tight on CPU, FFV1 is ffmpeg's lossless codec (in ffdshow) or.. well.. whatever you choose to install on your system or which you have pre-installed.
Thank you avih, i've download the ffmpeg codec, and when i'm recording, it takes ten times less size, i'll see if that not will be a problem when i ll use my video in Sony Vegas...

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