Car reflection brightness in various racing games on Direct3D11
Seems like there are reflections brightness issue in some racing games on Direct3D11 here is an example in Gran turismo 3:

Direct3D11:[Image: ddnd0aV.jpg]

Direct3D9:[Image: 3WeAQpE.jpg]

it also applies on Burnout 3, Enthusia Professional Racing and Gran turismo series games.

Direct3D11 isn't supposed to be more accurate than Direct3D9 ?

CPU: i5 3470 3.8Ghz
GPU: AMD R9 290
RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz

Settings :[Image: L7xs4zN.jpg] [Image: JZ1zqmE.jpg]

Version used : Pcsx2 v1.5.0-dev-2330

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