Case: Okami Post-Processing misalignment (screenshots)
Hi. I searched the forums and couldn't find any info about the post-processing problems with Okami resulting in a very blurry image. Since I'm playing the game right now on PCSX2 I thought why not showcase the issue via screenshots in hopes somebody might tackle it in the future. Once again apologies if I'm posting in the wrong subforum; since the culprit is the scaling of the GDsx-HW, I thought this was a proper place for it. This post focuses on OpenGL backend; no DirectX here. I'm using v1.5.0-dev-1498 (4 days old build).

So here's what the game looks like in Software Mode 

And here's what it looks like in Hardware Mode, Native Resolution 

My first impression is, they're identical.

All the post-processing gets misplaced once you toggle any kind of upscaling. Here's HW, 2x Native 

As you can see, the bloom in the jars and the weapon gets misplaced towards left. IMO this confirms it's solely an upscaling issue. The further the object is, the more misplaced the post-processing is. 

On top of that the result looks different in every resolution; HW, 8x Native Higher resolutions push the misalignment left and up as you up the resolution. Custom internal resolution reacts accordingly; make it wider and bloom goes further towards left etc.

Half-Pixel Offset hack centers the post-processing around objects but it "spreads" it too. All the post-processing is essentially oversized, especially horizontally. HW, 2x Native, HP offset Once again: the further an object is, the more "spread" it's post processing is.

What looks promising is the fact the differences in different resolutions seem to be eliminated. Only when comparing the screenshots I can see a minor difference. HW, 8x Native, HP offset 

Using TC offset gives you essentially same result as the Half-Pixel Offset spreading post processing as you get closer to the center of the objects: HW, 8x Native, TC 0400,0300 Once again the result changes when you switch internal resolution. You need smaller values with smaller internal resolution. TC offset is the best compromise right now as you can tweak how misplaced vs. how spread the post processing is.

Wild Arms Offset gives you similar effect as the Half-Pixel but the end result changes with internal resolution. I can upload screenshots at request.

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Up-scaling itself is a hack and tends to cause these sorts of issues. In most cases, the only "fix" would be to create another hack to correct it, but I imagine the devs aren't too keen on doing that.

I was thinking one solution would be something like Half-Pixel + Wild Arms -type of offset hack together. A short-term solution understandably.
Okami always seems to be missing shadows in both SW and HW mode. I don't know when this regression started but Okami used to have shadows in both HW and SW mode.

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