Casltvania Curse of Darkness
Hey everyone, a couple of days ago my post was deleted because I had downloaded a warez copy. My apoligies, you see I did in fact have a copy but was scratched and wouldn't play. So today I went out and bought another copy just to make sure everything would work fine with a new disc. I'm not using the disc I ripped it to ISO format so it runs faster.

My last post was about the game stuttering in random areas even though I have a i7 4700mq and gt 750m specs. It did this early in the game but it looks like since I've got past the start of the game its working normal ? I bumped up the resolution to 2x or 3x native and that seems to bring better gameplay and more smoother action.

So I guess the problem seemed to work itself out. But in the cutscreens the video is messing up, glitching and zooming in and out. I dont know what that is about or if it can be fixed. Anyway sorry for the warez thing, it is better to get your own copies and save them. Most of my games are getting old and scratched up, need to get some new copies. I don't own a PS2 anymore but this game was always fun for me.

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