Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Moai Unlocker [NTSC-U]
Simple program to unlock the Moai statue in CoD NTSC-U without LoI savedata or having to start a new game.

.zip (Size: 13,6 KB / Downloads: 800)
Includes Windows and Linux static binaries

PCSX2 folder based memory card

How to use: Backup your savedata!
Extract the zip archive
Copy your savedata(BASLUS-21168cv2us/BASLUS-21168cv2us) to the same directory as castlevania.exe or vice versa
Run castlevania.exe
Copy savedata back to save folder

Warning: There's no error handling or any sort of checks except for a simple open file check, no confirmation message, and it will always write 0x40 to 0x114. Do not give it a fake BASLUS-21168cv2us file.

Q: What is Moai used for?
A: Can be sold or kept for completionists

Q: I used the unlocker but Moai isn't in my inventory. Where is it?
A: Outside of the Abandoned Castle, near where you first start the game

Q: Will you add PAL support?
A: No. I do not own CoD PAL so I am unable to test

Q: Will you add support for other save formats?
A: No. That would require repacking and/or recalculating checksums. My less than 20 lines would become a few hundred

Q: I don't have a folder memory card and don't want to convert to one. How can I still use this?
A: (Untested) Extract your save using mymc, open your save in PS2 Save Editor, extract BASLUS-21168cv2us, repack your save and use mycmc to import your save back into PCSX2's memory card.

Q: How can I use this with uLaunchELF to tranfer to PS2?
A: AFAIK, uLaunchELF uses EMS (.psu) save format. You should be able to use PS2 Save Editor to extract BASLUS-21168cv2us and then repack into .psu save for uLaunchELF.

Q: Do you plan on creating a save editor or cheats for CoD?
A: No. I created this purely for completionists sake since Moai is unobtainable without a LoI save and new game.

Q: What is the castlevania file included in the archive?
A: Linux binary

Q: Binary not working/attachment unavailable, how can I unlock Moai manually?
A: Change offset 0x114 to 0x40. A hex editor or sed are the easiest solutions

I'd like to thank ELLCC for providing such amazing, easy-to-use, pre-built toolchains.

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