Castlevania Curse of Darkness PAL Cheats

I've been scrolling through here last couple of days to try find any PAL codes or a PNACH file for Castlevania:COD.

Honestly i cant find anything and what i have found is for the North American version if anyone could help me out would be appreciated.

Just want all the items as losing my mind with the steal mechanic.

CRC: F312BC8

Thanks again  Smile

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Googled Castlevania Curse of Darkness "PAL" codes...these came up.

Have all Weapons
40AEF800 004F0001
00630001 00000001

all Head armor
40AEF9E4 00140001
0063007A 00000001

all Body Armor
40AEF95C 00170001
00630058 00000001

all Accessories
40AEFA58 00110001
00630097 00000001

all Usable items
40AEFAC4 001B0001
006300B2 00000001

all Rare items
40AEFC84 00190001
0063013E 00000001

all material
40AEFB70 00240001
006300E0 00000001

all tips

all skills
40AEFC30 000D0001
0001010D 00000001

activate Combine items
10AF2290 00000001

activate Bestiary
10AF228A 00000001

I have tried these and didn't work, tried running them through the cheat converter and still no luck.
I found this:

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.pnach   F321BC38_Castlevania - Curse of Darkness.pnach (Size: 1,25 KB / Downloads: 1.413)
(09-13-2020, 09:29 PM)dhillel Wrote: I found this:

This works a treat, do you have the code for All Materials ? 

That's what i really need but thank you for the file.

Much appreciate
Here is what I found:

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