Castlevania Curse of Darkness shadow problem
The game seems to run fine with normal frames but the shadow on your character looks really bugged out. It's looks like you can see the shadow where the light would be blocked to cast it, like in thin air. I am using the latest beta version of this emulator because 0.9.6 seemed to have severe graphical glitches including the shadow looking the same, but the beta only has the shadow problem.

Any ways of fixing this? Possibly just turn it off completely if not because I really don't much care for his shadow.

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Did you even read the sticky on how using this forum? This is not a bug report, it's totally useless to us. If you want help, use the general support forum. Next time you get a warning.
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@ Bositman

People nowadays dont read the sticky ^^.
@ Turd_Furguson

Also try software mode it can be slow but if you have a good pc its more accurate and can solve your proplem,just try
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