Cdvd plugin failed to open
hello all, i know this may be asked about but i read them but dont understand how to solve the problem, so here goes.

I so i got the emulator and all and got ffx and it worked just fine, and then the next day i try to plat it gives me that CDvD plugin failed to open, or that the iso is mounted, which i dont even know how it got mounted, do i have to delete the emulator and install it everytime i want to play Sad ?

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No, but you need to tell it where it ISO is (use the internal reader instead the plugin).

Just mark the "Iso" option at the CDVD tab (not Plugin and certainly not No disc). Then go to "Iso selector" and from there navigate to the actual ISO image location and select it.

Once that's done go to "System" tab and "Boot CDVD (fast)"

That should do the trick.

In time: Beware of statements like you got the game. For sure it may mean you bought the game and made the ISO, so I just leave the advise to take a time and read the forum rules, just to avoid possible problems and misinterpretations.

Edit: for configuration not sticking, the most probable cause is you installed PCSX2 at C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86). If that is the case just move the whole folder to a folder yourself create, something Like C:\Emulators or even another partition if you have one, like D:\ or E:\

This advice of never installing games under C:\Program Files... is valid for PC games as well, even if you use Steam and Steam itself is there you should use Steam new feature allowing the install outside those accursed folders (guess why?).

PPS: If wanting a totally portable version, once you move the PCSX2 folder to the user created directory you may create an empty file called portable.txt at the new main PCSX2 directory and delete the PCSX2 folder created at the Documents folder (caring to save the savegames, BIOS, plugins if they are there).
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