Cdvdrom plugin : how to launch games with Ubuntu ?

I've installed pcsx2 on my computer (Ubuntu 10.04, amd64). I had no error message so i think it's ok (i followed these instructions : — thanks immolo). But when I try to launch an .iso on my HDD (I tried Run>Execute and File>Run CD), I only have a black window with these yellow words : "bilinear filtering — normal".

I think the problem is that i only have two choices when configuring the Cdvdrom plugin : "CDVDnull Driver 06", and "EFP Polling CDVD driver 0.4.0". I suppose i'd better run with "EFP Iso CDVD v0.6.0" plugin (as supposes the configuration guide) but I don't know how to select this one. In my plugins directory i have a file called "cfgCDVDisoEFP" (and another one called "") but it does not appear in my configuration panel. Could you tell me how to solve this problem, please ?

Thanks to all the team.


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