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Celsius - FFX-2 Save game editor
Is the save you are trying to open in a memory card file? Have you gone into the settings and changed the PsuIO? It needs to be on the correct setting to open the file or you will get error messages like the one Nex got. If I remember correctly the setting for memory cards is Moroda. Otherwise for an extracted save file(or one taken from your real PS2 memory card)try converting to RAW then using Leblanc setting or one of the others(I don't know if you need to convert or not really so try either way first)Or you could just insert your extracted save into a PS2 memory card file from your PXSC2 emulator with mymc alpha and use Leblanc setting

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Hi, i dont know if i can post here, so, tell if i am wrong. I am using the Save Editor whit this config:

PsuIO: Moroda
Psu Target: User

I open de .ps2 file an ok, open, but in the loggin all text are in oreange and in the end tell me Closed.

13/03/2018 10:40:30 a.m..862 Comment PS2 Card Shinra.Moroda.Close() Closed.

My FF is the English Version, the normal.

I navigate by the tabs and on the levels of the girls show me wrongs numbers, the levels, Gils, so, if somebrody can tell me the problem thanks, i am using the last version og the Save editor (

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