Certain games already problematic
Yup, everything set up great, I managed to really optimize my settings, but some games listed as 'ingame' still were unable to get past the opening credits. For example, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando started up, got to the first menu where it says press start, and when you pressed start it went to 'New Game' and 'Load Game' and 'Options'

pressing a button of any kind on each of these brought me back to the opening screen.

However, this emulator is still better than everything else out there, so I'll combine a glorious thank you with this thread.

My main question on topic though: Are there certain computers that will fail with PSX2? I have a dual core, high vid card (i forget), 4 gigs of ram, laptop. Some games run excellently with speed edits, for which i am grateful. Again, will certain computers fail to run games, despite settings being as good as can be?

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yes, not every game emulates perfectly (take Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria for example, some parts are REALLY slow.)
Your pc specs have nothing, well almost nothing to do with if you can run a game(speed has everything to do with it). If your hardware is too old like too low pixel shader, if this is the case though the game would not run at all. Other than that it depends on the version/settings/plugins. The setup of pcsx2 can vary by a whole lot from game to game. Just using the latest version does not guarantee the game will work. And a heads up "ingame" means you should be able to actually get ingame but its not yet playable.
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