Champions Of Norrath Full Screen
Hey everyone. I decided to randomly try out Champions again after I overclocked my GPU. Was running 90-100% in Software mode. Just for fun, I wanted to try with my DX11 Hardware settings and to my surprise there was no half screen bug! It should be noted that i'm not using the official pcsx2. I'm using git version 1.3.1. Also, the game still has some slowdowns for me, but I think it's my GPU. My specs and settings are:


i5 4670k 4.2
8Gb Ram
AMD 7850(oc)


Speed hacks on. EE at 3 VU at 2 (3 causes flickering and it's annoying)
Video: DX11 Hardware
2x Native res
Allow 8-bit Textures
Texture Filtering Bilinear Forced
HW Hacks skipdraw 4
And gsdx_fx shader

 So with these settings and my specs the game is playable at full screen at 90-100% with some slow downs and stutter. But other than that the game is absolutely playable. Some of You with better GPU's than myself should be great. Anyways, I hope this helps some of you out there that love this game and really want to play to it's potential on pcsx2. The game upscales very well and looks awesome. And i've been looking at new GPU's so i'm excited even more.

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yeah, gregory fixed it months ago.
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[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Well damn I didn't know that. Hurray for posting useless threads!
He didn't fix the slowdowns, they still happen, not much can be currently done about that.
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