Champions: Return To Arms.

Someone posted that this game was playable up until the forest area. I was wondering what graphics quality/sound quality and fps this was at; currently all I get on pcsx2 version 0.9.8 is very corrupted graphics, maybe 10 FPS and very distorted and lagged sound.

Does anyone have any configuration device? AFAIK my computer is fine for emulating and my settings are default with the exception of controller binds.

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You already had a thread on this closed for piracy. I suggest you glance over the rules.
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You're still going to have to spend $75 on a PS2 and the game, bud.
is not that champions one those games unplayable in PCSX2 atm... alike the Baldur's Gate series?

pirated or not, I fear you are out of luck with this one.
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looks like it was hard to understand for you...

please don't open anymore thread about this.
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