Champions of Norrath
Has anyone ever successfully gotten this game to work? Its a classic and I don't have a chipped PS2 to play it on at the moment, thanks!

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As the compatibility list says, unfortunately no. I also tried Return to Arms myself, but game froze before the main menu appeared. I'd really love to see any of these two games working on the PCSX2, but one can only hope.
I have bug reports open on them both as well as bards tale and Baldurs gate 1/2, Hope something happens in next update.
Help! I have a Problem

I have this Freeze Problem too

What can i do ???

Has no one a idea?

I´ve played the game on PS2, and its the greatest Game for it!

Please help me.....thanks
As the people in this thread said, the game is not playable yet no matter what pc/pcsx2/settings you have.
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Well, Lets just hope ay! Since i Love the game to pieces!
For those interested, I've gotten in-game, by the use of MicroVU0 and 1. Read my post here:
The changelog of 5404 says:

"VIF: EXPERIMENTAL, NOT SANITY CHECKED: Delayed VU execution until the next
flush, mpg, microprogram call or (as a fallback) end of dma packet to deal with
cases like MSCAL, UNPACK, MSCAL (expects the first program to receive the unpack
Fixes Snowblind's games (BG Dark Alliance etc.) "

Ive tried it with the US-Version of "Champions of Norrath" (Original Disk in diskdrive), but sadly the game didnt even start.

Well at least someone tries to make the "snowblinds" playable. Smile
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