Champions of Norrath
Anyone else experiencing a constant flicker as it changes from Interlaced (field) to (frame) and back constantly? It looks far better when its on frame then on field and was wondering if ti was possible to add a crc hack that would force it to stay on frame instead of the constant switching that it is currently doing. Not sure if the other Snowblind games are effected by this problem or not.

When it is on field everything is pretty much unreadable and frame smooths everything out perfectly for me even tho everything is low res since you are foced to use software mode for these games.

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Press f5 a couple of times
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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ref still bounces and makes things look like crap when I choose one of the other interlacing modes.
We can look more into this once these games are actually running correctly.
Right now with the memory allocation going through the roof, they're in bad shape anyway.
Not sure if the bouncing between frame and field is a core issue or a GSDX issue I would assume its a GSDX issue.
All the games made by that ppl for example "baldur's gate" are really hard to emulate, you will need to use software rendering but i guess the FPS will be low.
It's not really a matter of "low-FPS",
but rather the "no-FPS" when they crash. Laugh

Major kudos on the recent break-through, though.
Nice to see some clear progress on the Snowblind issue(s).
after testing the rest of the games the First Champions aka Champions of Norrath is the only one of the games with this issue. the rest including its sequel do not have the issue.

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