Champions of Norrath and Snowblind Engine games - Who do I have to pay! ^_^
I'm sorry if this has been discussed to death, but I couldn't find the specific information I was looking for, so -

Is it known WHY the Snowblind games are so broken in hardware mode? Or is that a mystery?

If it is known, whom do I have to pay and how much to get that worked out? ^_^

The Champions games are to this day my most favorite "party" game, everyone loves them, and I'm willing to shell out just about anything to get them working in HD on my PC!

To the Dev's:
Thank you so much for this emulator. It makes my most treasured PS2 games look as Rosy in reality as they seem to be in my memories of them, and once I've played an old favorite with all the bells and whistles you guys have slaved to create, I can't ever play it on the console again. You've given me many hundreds of hours of joy, and for that I thank you.

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If you're serious, you could probably talk to Refraction or Rama lol.
Current PCSX2 version: v1.7.2460-windows-64bit-SSE4

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There are 2 reasons the snowblind games are so broken in HW mode, and it is all bugs in GSDX.

1. The half screen issue, a misscalculation of drawing surface somewhere is causing this, im attempting to get gabest to fix it.
2. The texture cache doesn't see the cached textures and keeps making new ones, causing a huge amount of memory being eaten, this is an inherent problem with the texture cache and can probably only be fixed by a complete rewrite of the system, which i can tell you now is not easy.
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I registered now just to post this- I've spent since last year trying to get this game to work normally, trying different pcsx2 SVN versions, settings, plugins, etc, and I've yet to find a good method to run this game without immense problems. It's always playable, but always has errors in some form. I still try to this very day, as this was one of my favorite games for the PS2. I realize that the Snowblind engine is a very difficult engine to emulate, but I'd do anything to be able to play this game again. My old PS2 has been in poor shape for a long time, and the PCSX2 dev team is my only hope for emulating this gem of a game. I was really surprised when I curiously searched 'champions' in the forum search and found this thread posted so recently. I'm glad I'm not the only one missing this game! I love the PCSX2 developers and everything you guys are doing for emulation!
Best way to play this is Latest SVN with Software mode and the 4gb patch applied to pcsx2.exe but there are massive slowdowns no matter what you do. I have a decent i5 3570K running at 4ghz and I get slowdowns as low as 20fps with the snowblind games so yeah now if we could get hardware mode working that may alleviate the slowdowns a bit which would be great. I do not mind applying the 4gb patch personally which helps with the memory issue. so if we could get the half screen issue fixed for now that would be great.
Wow, honestly I forgot that I had made this thread a while back, and I'm glad to have received a reply from the devs Laugh

The memory problem isn't really much of a hindrance to me, 4gb patch took care of that. Its the half-screen problem, and I'm just glad to know that you guys know what's going on there. That gives me confidence that one of you guys will get around to it.

Thanks for the reply guys!
Both my brother and I have just finished high-res playthroughs of Final Fantasy XII and we had an awesome time! Brings back fond memories.

We appreciate your ongoing efforts Wink

p.s. Do you have like a donate or paypal button?
(07-16-2013, 06:55 AM)boggsj Wrote: p.s. Do you have like a donate or paypal button?

Snagged that from the main page.
Gabest didn't like my GS dump of the scene, I think he doesn't feel like working this out Tongue2
I tried a couple of things and noticed only one hack did anything at all: Disabling the texture cache
made the screen divide move a bit to the right so a couple more pixels showed.
If the glitch is with the texture cache then I guess it's currently un-fixable.

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