Change Controller Trigger Sensitivity/Range?
Hi all. Using the latest PCSX2 1.5 development build. I started playing Tourist Trophy on my PC, as well as Gran Turismo 4. I have a problem with both the Xbox One Controller as well as the Dualshock 4 controller (with an Xinput emulator) having too sensitive triggers, meaning at about 50% pressing either left or right trigger the game detects that I am giving the gas or brake 100%. It makes it hard to corner the bike when I think I'm just giving a little bit of gas I'm actually giving full throttle. Tried Tourist Trophy and GT4 on my PS2 with the Dualshock 2 using R2 and L2 for gas/brake and doesn't seem to have that problem. However, R2/L2 are just buttons with small ranges, though they are pressure sensitive.

Anyway to edit the deadzones/sensitivity/range for the triggers using Lilypad to give a more 1:1 ratio (press trigger 50%, give gas 50%) or is there some other plugin that will let me do that? Don't want to use DirectInput as that doesn't support rumble effects. 

Thanks for any tips!

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You'll only need to edit Sensitivity setting on L2/R2 bindings.
In my case for Dualshock 4 connected through DS4Windows i did set 0.188 sensitivity.
In GT4 go to Test Course, Max Speed and try to set what feels correct for your Xbox One Controller.
FF9C0E93.pnach by Silent, enjoy Smile

gametitle=Tourist Trophy [SCUS-97502] (U)
comment=Adjusted tiggers sensitivity, makes throttle/brake more precise when using triggers, like on PS3

// Throttle
// Brake
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