Change FPS Limit
Hi! (again :c)

After a long night searching, I think I've found the last problem that keeps me from playing 24 The Game: the FPS Limit. The console tells me that the frames limit is currently 50.0, and the games speed does not get below 49.74. Also, the EE is not even used half. I have seen old threads that give methods to change fps limit in ways that do not exist anymore. Does anybody know the way of changing the fps limit to something like 80 in PCSX 1.0.0?

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Set Turbo Adjust (Emulation Settings -> GS) to a value higher than 100%. Use Tab to enable Turbo Mode and your game will run at the higher fps.

If for example your game is limited at 50fps, by setting Turbo at 120% will make the game run at 60fps. And so on...

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