Change FPS in cutscenes? Audio delay
I've recently startet playing Devil May Cry and was experiencing audio delay in the cutscenes, after some tweaking with speedup and other settings I got it synced (with luck because I have no idea what I was doing Biggrin ). But the game was locked to 50 FPS so I changed it to 60 and it was much more enjoyable, but the audio in cutscenes got delayed again.

So I want to know if it is possible to change the FPS of the game whenever a cutscene starts or if there is some other solution. Also, while playing the game at 60 FPS it sometimes crashes at cutscenes.

I'm really new to pcsx2 so please keep that in mind when answering and thank you!

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The games made for the ps2 aren't designed to run at 60FPS, which could be the cause to the audio issue. I quite honestly wouldn't know how to fix this, but for people that can help it'd help if you post specs, game fix and speedhack setting and what plug-ins you use Smile
@Solution: Depends on whether it's PAL or NTSC. The exact FPS is 59.94 for NTSC, but it shouldn't cause such a dramatic increase in issues.

Since he mentioned the game locked at 50 FPS, I suspect it's a PAL game, and forcing it to run at 60 FPS will of course give audio issues then.

Please post your specs, which game (and region), and which version of PCSX2 you're using, as well as all the settings you've set (Gsdx, Audio, speedhacks, EE/VU settings, etc).
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If the FPS shows stable 60 for NTSC or 50 for PAL and you experiment sound issues a possible cause is excess of EE cycle rate.

Anyway, the only way to help without need to guess everything is if you help also posting the machine specs and emulator's setup.
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In sound plugin, setting it to async mix might fix the issue.

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