Change inis folder location
Hellow again.

So I've recently stumbled upon a little problem with PCSX2 1.4 and PCSX2Bonus.

It seems that PCSX2Bonus was written in such a way that it looks for certain folders in the PCSX2 folder, all the configuration stuff (bios, inis, plugins and the like). When PCSX2 1.4 came out, the inis folder changed from... well inis to inis_1.4.0, now, aside from creating an inis folder and just copying everything from the 1.4.0 folder into it, so PCSX2Bonus can create per game configurations without complaining, is there a way I can change the default inis folder in general?

I would actually prefer if I could rename it back to just inis, but I have a feeling a simple rename would break things; then again, I should have probably tried to rename it and then make this little thread, buuuuut, being a little silly never harmed anyone.

I did try looking through some of the ini in the inis folder, but didn't find anything related to the inis folder name (which.... makes sense now that I think about it).

If anyone knows what to do, I'd really appreciate it =). (Making an additional inis folder is also okay, but that's like... admitting defeat =(.

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can use the gits builds and they use ini folder,
Those git builds don't have PGO though =(, hehehe. I'm going to guess that 1.4.0 was built with that inis folder in mind to be 1.4.0 on purpose then, right?
it was done like that in 1.40 stable for some techincal reason, i dont think they gona change it atlest till there new stable to release
You can just hexedit the exe if you want the pgo that much by replacing those addresses 0x68F6E8(F5 replace with 00),0x0x68F6EA(25 replace with 00) and 0x0x68F6EE(64 replace with 00)

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