Changing Hotkey Device?
I've gone through and tried to make my own PCSX2_keys.ini file in order to assign a new button to the sys_suspend function, however it's not letting me do it. The button I'm trying to assign is the home button on my xbox 360 controller, and neither "Guide" (how Dolphin sees the button) or 0x80 (how another emulator sees the button) works. I'm stuck here. In Dolphin at the top of the hotkey config file it lists devices, but such a line is absent in PCSX2_keys.ini. Is it impossible to assign a controller button to a hotkey using this method, or do I simply not know the correct name for the button I want to assign? This seems like a crucial feature for those of us wanting to launch PCSX2 in Steam Big Picture mode or via EmulationStation, and so it must already exist but I'm just doing it wrong. Any help?

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it's impossible without a tooel like joy to key
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...that's really dumb. Seems like a relatively simple thing to implement and it would benefit a large amount of users.
I guess it is not as simple as you think. Controller apis are sometimes a bit nasty. But you are right it would be a nice feature. Maybe you can open an issue in our github repo requesting that feature? I am quite sure nobody will tackle it now but maybe some day...

Btw joy2key is exactly doing what you want to do. (Even though i think some home buttons - dualshock or xbox i dont know - are sometimes hard to map)
As the name suggests, PCSX2_keys.ini is used for Keyboard keys and not for controller buttons. You can assign Sys_Suspend to any _key_ or combination of keys and it'll work correctly. If you want to map controller/gamepad buttons to keys, you'd need to use an external tool for that - as some suggested joy2key or a similar tool.

PCSX2 itself does not and cannot read controller buttons - that's what the input plugins do. It's technically possible to enhance one of the input plugins to implement such functionality internally, and IIRC Blyss wanted to have a go at it once with LilyPad, but it never materialized.

None of the current developers feel the need to add such functionality, but if someone else wants to contribute such code, we'll consider it.
It's beyond me. I tried a few times to implement something but it's beyond my skill level.
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Could an hypothetic WX revamp/cleanup help?
Why revamp/cleanup?

Lilypad understands joystick controls.
You then can either send from lilypad to pcsx2 through the plugin contract a shutdown request - or - you send a key to windows which will be handled by pcsx2 as shutdown request.

This is really one of the rare cases where i would say that plugin structure is inconvinient for the coder. I had to solve a similar issue in a plugin program i wrote. I did it by a request queue using a named pipe as my plugin structure was/is completely unidirectional and my main program already supported pipe requests. I could probably hardly implement the same in c++ and most probably it would be rejected as it is too ugly and complicated for this case.

Resending a key to windows should be rather simple but needs careful extension of the user interface of lilypad and careful interface implementation as theoretically lilypad is not pcsx2-only.

I could try to implement the second case but i would rather like to do other stuff and my last quiet simple pr's are stuck and as i feel not close to be merged.
Well darn. This is the last step in my perfect living room PC. I have everything else set exactly how I want it. I, and I'm sure many others, am just going to have to sit and wait for it to be implemented then. Sounds like it's going to be a while. That sucks.

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