Changing a save file from US to PAL in FFX?
I've been tinkering around with save files and the mymc tool, but I am having trouble changing a save file from the US FFX to the PAL/Europe version.  I havn't found much answering this when searching except it works on some games easily and some it doesn't.

Would anyone know if its capable on this, and or how to do so?  thanks!

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You can do that win FFXED
Open your PAL save and import the data from the NTSC save.
Save the file and import it to your memory card
Yeah... I did see your thread. Doesn't seem to work though, so I might wait for other help.
And that "someone else" will tell you the same thing.
FFXED does work,I imported USA\Europe saves multiple times to the FFX International version.

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