Changing i5 to i7 - is it enough?
Hello there!
Recently I'm playing PS2 classics since I discovered new PCSX2 release (1.4.x) and games are running very smoothly. I almost always have 60 FPS in Tekken 4 while in 4x native mode, Align Sprite on and Progressive Scan on too (in-game option ofc). This game looks gorgeus! 
But here's the thing:
In Tekken 5, with same options on, game sometimes drop FPS (between 60-40). It's fully playable, however this is not what I want.
At the end of June, I'm going to have Intel Core i7, 6700k (not going to OC it, but it's a good processor anyway).

My current specs are:

Quote:Intel Core i5 3570K
8 GB of RAM
GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 760

Here's my question: replacing my i5 with new i7 will be enough to run Tekken 5 with these options on in smoothly 60 FPS? Or do I need new graphics card too? I know that 2 GB of vRam is not so big these days but still I think it's enough for my work and everyday's usage of my computer, but I'm not so sure about running Full HD progressive scan games with PCSX2. What do you guys think?

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And you see mind blowing differences between 3x and 4x scaling right and that's why you want to spend money for a new video card(that's what you actually need when you are using scaling and the other graphics quality extras)

That i5 is good enough
And btw on my pc at 4x Tekken 5 works fine and the vram and vcore are at less than 50%
I need i7 anyway, but I wasn't planning to buy new video card (unless it'll be necessary for smoothly gameplay with 4x native Tekken 5). And yes, I see difference between x3 and x4 native resolution on my 52 inch TV (difference between those resolutions are smaller on 22 inch monitor, most people use their emulator without big TV screen).

So you say video card is needed for best effects while scaling and using graphics extras... but what about your Tekken 5 working just fine? What configuration are u using?
(06-05-2016, 08:37 PM)Hesher Wrote: What configuration are u using?

Nothing special...default settings and OpenGL
I'm on 24inch 1920x1080 monitor
Tekken 5 should run just fine at 4x native, and GS and EE usage is low, but it suffers in stages like Moonlit Wilderness with heavy effects usage. You can turn off those effects by setting the CRC Hack Level to Full (Safest). It should reduce or even remove the framedrops.
Or use latest git. Resolution of the game is very low. Even at 4x you are far from full hd.
The 6700k has a nice single core advantage of that i5 and should net you better performance in games where you are CPU limited. However that GPU isn't too great and you may actually be seeing a GPU limited scenario here which means an upgraded CPU won't do anything.

Remember you'll have to upgrade both your RAM (skylake recommends DDR4 and most skylake mobos only support it) and your MOBO.
May I recommend going for a haswell based i7 4790k system instead of a skylake based setup? For one it would be a bit cheaper and net you higher STP to boot as well.[]=2565

Seeing as how the CPU along with motherboard and ram prices would be cheaper then a skylake build considering the prices of ddr4 compared to ddr3

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