Changing ntsc to pal save files
I have been playing ffx for a little while now and have only just found out that north american version doesn't have the dark aeons in it, so i have the pal version of the game now but i still want to use my saves from my previous game. Everything says to use mymc or ps2-savebuilder but mymc gives me the error that my my memory card "mc001.ps2" is "not a ps2 memory card image" despite the fact that i have used it. made saves on it and it says its formatted. And ps2-savebuilder doesn't seem to work with .ps2 files
Need help don't want to start over again. Sad

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You can't just import the old saves from different region (standard) with MyMC, so you really need the ps2save-builder to make the conversion.

Assuming you have the memory in MCDxxx.ps2 format you need to export the specific save slot using MyMC. It will be something like SLUS*.psu for US games. That file so can be loaded with ps2save-builder and edited to SLES..., you'll need to search for the PAL version name.

If MyMC does not recognizes the MCDxxx.ps2 as a PS2 file it means you did not extracted correctly the physical card or someway have a Sharkport version in which case that sufix is misleading, and the correct is .md . The ps2save-builder is able to open md files.

PS: it's advisable to work with formated Mcdxxx.ps2 target files instead trying to do it directly on those you actually use. Its ease to import the final result and less prone to invalidate the primary one.

PCSX2 .9.7 has a friendly way to address memcard paths. May be very interesting creating a folder inside the actual memcard for each game named as the game and create one or two Mcd there(and easy to format them too). So you can change the actual set when changing the game you'll play, and having a proper mcd for each game.
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