Changing program keys?
Is there any way to change the default program keys? I'd like to use the Steam screenshot feature (which is by default bound to F12), but in PCSX2, that opens up some kind of video recorder utility which I don't really have any use for. And Steam is lame enough not to let me rebind it to any sensible available keys like Print Screen. Tongue I can still take screenshots with F12, but it causes the emulator to crash if I constantly have to bring up the video options window.

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I don't think you can change that.

If I am correct, then I could suggest you make screen shots by copying and pasting into Paint. That's what I do. Wink
sorry at this time pcsx2 doesn't support system-key remapping.
its a bit of an involved process since we have a separated pad-plugin design.
ideally the pad plugin would be able to handle the system keys so you can also remap the system keys to joystick buttons.
but this requires modifying both pcsx2, the plugin api, and various pad plugins.
hence its a pretty big project.
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Alright, but it would be neat to see in the future. I'll stick with Paint screenshots then I guess. Tongue

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