Changing program's language?
I can't find anything about this anywhere, how can I change the language of PCSX2? I dropped my xbox controller earlier while playing a game, which caused my PC to BSOD for some reason, and now PCSX2 lost all my settings as a result, and it's in Chinese now (My computer has Chinese Windows Sad)

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I think you could change it in the PCSX2_ui.ini file.

If nothing else,
you could re-install PCSX2 and be sure to manually select "English" at the First-time Wizard.

(consider using the binary PCSX2 package, and not installing in "Program Files" if you have)

There is also a commandline argument to force the First-time Wizard.

Make a shortcut to the pcsx2.exe file,
open the shortcut's properties (right-click),
then add one space to the end of the "Target",
followed by this:

I had to use the wizard and overwrite the settings with default values, but it worked, and since the settings were already overwritten when my computer crashed I didn't really lose anything. Thanks!

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