Chaos Legion sound issue
Greetings everyone, I found out about your project (which i totally support) and after that I realized I could utilize the ISO file from my old Chaos Legion game (the game now long lost...). After checking the compatibility list I tried the game, however, there is an unending sound loop starting from the main menu to the entire game. Searching for answers across the whole forum I found none, that's the reason of this post, in hopes I can get a solution.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I posses the latest version of the pcsx2 and plugin files.

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You need to use either ZeroSPU2 or the old Peops SPU2 sound plugins. You should be able to find them in the old 0.9.6 release of PCSX2 from our archive.
Just copy the dll files to your plugins folder for them to show up in the list
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Wait, we fixed that in SPU2-X ><

Wrong "Chaos Something" game. This actually is still broken.
FixIt time Tongue2
Apparently not? Tongue
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