Character/Model Changing in game
I have a basic understanding of Cheat Engine and other resources to change a games variables and such. However, I was wondering the possibility of changing a model to another. If this is possible there are several games I would think could do this. For one Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2. In either you can replace your teammates with another and change your model when entering the different forms and such acquired throughout the game. Also, in KH1 Sora is changed to a heartless. So, would it be possible to change teammates to other models in the game and change Sora to different models in the game? I do not know much of how Models are called in the code or how they change within the game. But it seems like with these examples you'd be able to find the variable (or array list location) and change it then rendering a new model in the game. For example, (oversimplified) Sora's model is listed as a variable 1, change into Valor Form this variable changes to 2. We find the location through that, change it to 10 which is the call to Donald's model. Then rendering that on the next load or immediately. Hopefully someone can clear up the process a bit obviously this is fairly generalized. I just want to know if it is possible within this game or any other. (mostly KH). Thanks!

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It's always possible... but worth it? I dunno.
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The game will be keeping a list of characters somewhere and changing that list would produce the hack you want.

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