Cheat Activated = Can't save anymore
Hay, when I use Action Replay Max or CodeBreaker i can't save the game (Kingdom Hearts 1 (German)) anymore. Everytime i try to load the save it tells me "Memory Card (PS2) is not formatted" and then i have to start from the beginning...

Does somebody know how i can cheat and save the game?

appreciate any help.

King Regards

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Some abusive cheats can break save games, well guess what, it most likely happened to you;3, disable the faulty cheat or don't save your game. Have no clue about KH cheats, even less german version, sorry.
Using action replay or codebreaker is not a good idea they can actually corrupt your memcards unrecoverable (codebreaker more then action replay).
you should use pcsx2 built in cheat engine and just use a code converter to convert any codes to pcsx2's pnach format.
Thx @ hyakki <3

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